OSNW3 | WxClimate
The Bering Sea Rule (KOPN Blog)
Automated CONUS forecasts: beringsearule.blogspot.com
*Blog acts as a journal of on going research, analysis, and forecasting based on the Bering Sea Rule.

WeatherWatchers (website)
Automated US 8-14 and 15-21 day forecast: Temperature and Precipitation
*WeatherWatchers input their own frequency while the OSNW3|WxClimate framework formulates and pushes their data.

The Lezak Recurring Cycle & Doug Heady Pattern
Automated LRC/HP length based on 30-90 day correlations: Analysis
*No affiliation with Gary Lezak or Doug Heady

RRWT Based on Average R Wavelength Method
Region 6 Station Forecasts: Analysis